Sunday, May 27, 2007

Owwwl, the Paper Toy of the Month for June.

Introducing Owwwl! Pull the skeletons leg on Owwwl's back and his wings flap and his heart beats right out of his chest. Seems I've been seeing a lot of Owls lately so that's what inspired me to make this little guy. I also wanted to make a piece of automata that wasn't too hard to put together.

Download him for free right here.


Rustin Allison said...
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Rustin Allison said...

That's really great! Love the skeleton in the back of him!

Rustin Allison

Anonymous said...

Great work Matt!


Maxwell said...

Heynow! This. Is. Cool. Thanks for posting. I'll be sure to send you what I put together if you'll get a kick out of it. Have a good one!

Chris said...

Your website was the first paper toy site I found and now I am addicted!

This was great fun! I cannot wait until July's toy gets here.


Matt Hawkins said...

Glad you enjoyed it. July's toy is shaping up. I got addicted to paper toys about a year or so ago and just look what it's led me to ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome toy, but kind of crappy instructions! I basically figured it all out on my own which took a while :\....

roberta said...

Você é demais, demais...
Uff amo muito tudo isso.

Anonymous said...

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