Saturday, May 19, 2007


These little guys are the Tri-Bunnies. They only have three sides and are my simplest to build models yet. I wanted to make something for the younger folks that would be fun to play with yet easy to build.
You can download your very own Tri-Bunnies for free here and print them on card stock or matte photo paper.
P.S. If you do build one of my models and would like to take a picture of it and send it to me that would be great. I'll put them up on my flickr account.


Rustin Allison said...

Just put these together. They were fun to make and I love the colors and the expression!

Rustin Allison

Matt Hawkins said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm thinking about doing a second series of Tri-Bunnies sometime soon.

mrs. b. said...

Oh, I have to make these! They are so wickedly cute, and hey, space efficient! ; )

a : )

ebony said...

hey i loves these. i love this site and started making paper toys only yesterday because of this site. could u help me because i dont no how to make the ears. thanks so much and sorry for hassling u

Paula said...

I love your work!
You are so nice, leaving it here for free for us.

Anonymous said...

how do you come up with stuff like this also you should check out

Ana said...

Hi! I'm in love with bunnies since the first time I saw them =D

They are so cute!

I'd like to know if you are going to do more like this.

PS: E-maill me your answer, please: