Sunday, July 1, 2007

Gnarley! The Paper Toy of the Month for July.

Friends are you tired of paper toys that just sit there and do nothing for you. Then build Gnarley your very own personal gargoyle! Why should Gothic churches and skyscrapers be the only ones who benefit from gargoyles. Gnarley is here to ward off all of life's minor annoyances. Put him in your cubical to ward of middle managers. Put him on top of your computer to ward off pop up ads. Put him on top of your cola can to keep the bumble bees out!
Download him here.


zac--07 said...

thats great
im making mine right now and cant wait to for the final product!

Anonymous said...

great job, Matt!


D. Sidhe said...

A little complicated to cut out, but he was fun to build. :-) I'll be sending you a picture as soon as I can borrow a camera.

Matt Hawkins said...

Thanks guys!
This one is a little more complex with a lot of delicate cutting you almost have to use an exacto on this one. Can't wait to see a pic.
I just put one on the outside wall of my cubical at work.

l-i-n-e said...

Could I use your template with my skin? I like your design, Nice.

Matt Hawkins said...

Sure! That would be awesome.

nikkorasu said...

hi it's me agane xD...y just finish mr.robot!! =D and i want to do this gargola but the first link doesn't work xD..can you fixt it?? bye!! ^^

Matt Hawkins said...

A bunch of files were dropped of my Mediafire acount! They are looking into it for me. I'll fix the link when I get home tonight. Sorry 'bout that!

Matt Hawkins said...

It's fixed now!

Nicole said...

that is the coolest thing ever!

Trelligan said...

I came across your blog just a little while ago. Thanks for all the freebies!

Can you please check the Gargoyle download? I can't get Part 2, though all the others download just fine.

Thanks for all you've done! Checking out your store now . . .

smartlady said...

this one is really great! I love it! :O)

alishamarie said... there sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool i love how u did em.

fatme said...

hi! I just came across your stuff!! one question though, I tried to d/l your template for Gnarley, but could not. which is kinda sad. mind giving me some help? thanks man!

Life of Xav said...

this question isnt about papercraft but still listen i dont know how to make a website with blogger can you please help me

aineolach said...

thanks for the great paper toy - will be protecting my cubicle at work. :D
I'm just a beginner and while I found this was harder than most of the paper toys I've tried so far (only about 5) the result is well worth it.

Sharon said...

Hi I am an art teacher at a school in Trinidad & Tobago and loved your gargoyle. Hope you don't mind but I posted a link to him for my kids to enjoy on the hot links page:
thanks for the great idea!

Meela312 said...

Fun at work :)

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