Friday, May 18, 2007

Melvin, the first paper toy I ever designed.

This is Melvin he is the first paper toy I ever designed! I made him to help promote Melvin and Frank comics, a comic book I had just finished. After I finished him I was addicted to designing these paper toys! He was previously available on my illustration and comics site, but I have moved him over here so all my paper toys are in one place.
Click here to download Melvin.


FritadorDePastel said...

GREAT site, my friend!

I did a post about your amazing paper toys:

Let me know if you want give me some declaration about them!


James said...

melvin OWNS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the style of your toys and the simplicity of them too. Very fun and colorful. Keep it up.

Kate - Fairbanks, Alaska

Monica said...

Is Melvin no longer available?? I'm a huge paper toy fan - cut and paster, not creater. I'd love to have him adorning my pod.

Matt Hawkins said...

Hi Monica,
Melvin is still available. It seems all my files have been dropped off Mediafire. I will store them some where else and fix the links tonight.

Emy said...

Just loved it! I have some troubles with his 'nose', but now it looks great! Wish I have your creativity hahaha

Anonymous said...

I like your paper toys, so lovely ^^

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