Saturday, September 22, 2007


Some of my work is featured in this months Computer Arts Projects issue 102. I haven't seen it yet though because it's a UK publication and the newest issue I can find around Kansas City is 100! There are a few of my toys on the disk but they are not anything new that you can't download from this site. There are also some other paper toys featured like Speakerdog. I was hoping to make a exclusive paper toy for the mag but ran out of time. If anyone knows how I can get my hands on this issue let me know!
Tang Mu sent me this pic from the mag. Sweet! Thanks Tang Mu.


nick said...

Hey Matt!

Cool, I am going to get that mag too!!

You can order it here, just found it..

Hope, that helps.. ;)


Marshall said...

Awesome. I would sell my soul to get a publication like that. Well, maybe not my soul, but I think it is definitely fantastic. Good on ya.

Chris T said...

You can also contact to order back issues, quoting the code of the magazine you want to order, the code for the character issue is COSB00102
Just in case you still haven't got a copy. They're quite expensive, £10!

Love your character work by the way! I've met Johnny D in KC when I visited there on a works trip, great illustrator!

Matt Hawkins said...

I ordered a copy. Thanks everybody.
Johnny D rules he was one of my art directors when I worked at Hallmark Cards.

Chris Taylor said...

Hey Matt,
I work for Hallmark over in the UK, I met John back in 2003 when an international group came over to KC to work in the Rice Centre. Were you working there then?

I just ordered the character issue of Computer Arts, it's cool that they picked up on your work.

At some stage I'd like to send you samples of my character work, just so you can see the kind of stuff I'm working on over here, if that's cool with you?

Matt Hawkins said...

I started in November of 2004 and quite about a month ago. I was a production artist there. I left to take an illustrator position at C3. They do fun stuff for kids. I'm actualy getting paid to make paper toys and draw funny little pictures.
I'd love to check out your work!

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