Monday, September 3, 2007

Princess Kitty Paper Toy of the Month for September

Beware this kitty can be a little "high maintenance". It's Princess Kitty and she's the paper toy of the month for September. This one is inspired by my only niece Meadow. This one's for you girl. I wanted to change it up and do a super cute one this month 'cuz next month is October and you know that one has to be creepy! Download PK here and print her on card stock of matte photo paper. Enjoy.


Marshall said...

very cute. love the little crown on her head and the smirk on her face.

Nick said...

wow, you did it again..
really cool and cute!!

can't wait to see you come up with for SIZZA.. ;)

greetings from germany,

x said...

Very cute, but the hosting site is pure poison and won't let me download a copy of the little cuss.

Melanie said...

This was my first paper craft experience EVER and she came out AMAZING! I have her sitting on my desk right now.

teddy said...