Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've been having a ton of problems with mediafire dropping my files. I reuploaded several files last night just to find them gone this morning. I will be moving all the files to a new service tonight 11/15/07. Files may not be available today or tonight. Sorry about the inconvience. Hopefully that will be the end of all these broken files. Gee wiz...
I have moved all the PDFs over to a new free file hosting service. This is just temporary until I get a permanent space to store these files. All the links should work now. If you have any problems with the files just let me know. Thanks for your patience.

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D. Sidhe said...

Thank you. I assumed it was just my browser.

Anyone who hasn't found a copy of Craft magazine yet should do so. The jumping frog is great, and there's lots of neat stuff in the rest of the magazine, too. I may even subscribe, which I think makes this a success.