Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A few paper toy commissions.

Every once in a while someone will pay me perfectly good money to make a paper toy just for them. This Train I made for C3. It's the first thing I've designed that doesn't need glue or scissors. It uses tabs and slots and is die cut. It's a give a way for kid's meals.

This little guy I did for the fine folks at Replaced by Robots animation studios. This is there logo. His head turns around on his body. I'll share some more commissions soon. In the mean time I have a very exciting new project that's coming up! I'll be posting that in the next week or two.


Jerom said...

Very nice paper toys!

NiceBunny Brand said...

Man, you've been busy! These are great! As always.

Marshall Alexander said...

You continue to amaze me. That train is just a brilliant piece of art. Not only as a papertoy, but also illustration-wise. Well done. And nice to see some commissioned paperwork happening. I hope to do one of those one day as well.

Can't wait for the exciting new project.

Eric W said...

you made them for the C3 children? hope that they can surviving cancer and having fun with the toys you made them.

Anonymous said...

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