Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Return of Santa.

I'm still working on the paper toy of the month for December. I hope to have it up in the next couple o' days . It's got a holiday theme and some crazy kinetic motion. In the meantime here is an old Santa I did last year. He was the second paper toy I ever designed. Some of you may have snagged him off my old site last year. Now he's home to stay on this blog. You can download him here just click on the "Click Here To Start Download" towards the middle of the page.


MyKoko said...

This is so cute, but I cant find the "Click Here To Start Download".

Matt Hawkins said...

go here
and it's about half way down the page on the left in blue text in a yellow box.

MyKoko said...

Thank you so much. Got it now, but for some reason I didnt see it yesterday. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

g0cze said...

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THESE AMAZING PAPER TOYS :)~ I'm new to the paper toy and was afraid to buy one until I tried a few. I will deff check out your shop... (hehe I will try to make a bunch of rudy's and have them jam out to my music) ~Kat

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