Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rockin' Rudy the Paper Toy of the Month for December

Here he is Rockin' Rudy. Not only does Rudolf head Santa's sleigh he is also the front man of the Indie rock band "Like a Lightbulb". He loves to shake his antlers to the music.
I've had this idea for a paper bobble head for a while I finally got round to using it.
You can download Rudy here.
Hope everybody has some happy jolly days!

7 comments: said...

Ut oh! ... I was not able to do step 5.. Now what? :o)

moonpuppy said...

Okay, I'm stuck on step 5 also. Could you perhaps post some detailed clarification?


Matt Hawkins said...

So first off I misspelled peace! To many late nights this week.
OK so maybe peace on earth is a little hard to achieve. So I decided to modify the instruction #5. It now reads:
"Print several copies of Rudy and Santa paper toys and donate them to a local children's hospital or shelter, anyplace where kids could use a little fun and merry holiday project to brighten their day."
It might not be world peace, but letting a child know that we care about them and want to help is definitely achievable and a good first step towards a more peaceful world.

shawn said...

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Rudy will be used as a party activity for the kids.

Snerkie said...

this is so cute ^_^ nothing christmassy here so he creates the holiday in my house

Twilight said...

I just made Rudy and Santa for my desk at work. They're perfect! Thanks!

Matt Hawkins said...

Happy Jolly Days! It's so cool to be a little part of peoples Holiday celebrations!