Thursday, May 31, 2007

Interview at Toysrevil

I did a little interview with the Toysrevil blog that you can read here.
I really appreciate the press on such a cool blog to help get this site launched.
After you read the interview be sure to bookmark the Toysrevil blog there is always lots of cool stuff to check out daily.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Owwwl, the Paper Toy of the Month for June.

Introducing Owwwl! Pull the skeletons leg on Owwwl's back and his wings flap and his heart beats right out of his chest. Seems I've been seeing a lot of Owls lately so that's what inspired me to make this little guy. I also wanted to make a piece of automata that wasn't too hard to put together.

Download him for free right here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2th Termite commission piece

Here is a commission piece I made with John over at of his character 2th Termite. This is the first paper toy I ever made with someone else's character.
It was a lot of fun. I like John's work a lot and think the line quality of the original illustration translated well. I'll let you all know when the model is available from John's website.
Ever wanted to see your character in paper toy form drop me a line.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


These little guys are the Tri-Bunnies. They only have three sides and are my simplest to build models yet. I wanted to make something for the younger folks that would be fun to play with yet easy to build.
You can download your very own Tri-Bunnies for free here and print them on card stock or matte photo paper.
P.S. If you do build one of my models and would like to take a picture of it and send it to me that would be great. I'll put them up on my flickr account.

Uncle Bam Paper Toy of the Month for May.

Meet Uncle Bam our first free Paper Toy of the Month. Every month I'll post a new original paper toy I've designed. They will range from easy (like this one) to complex like Mr. Robot.
Sometimes I'll post a collaboration with another artist. Starting in July the Paper Toy of the Month will only be available for a limited time for that month. These first few will stick around in the free model listing in the side bar of this blog just to get things started. I'll also be adding free paper toys in between the Paper Toy of the Month posts that will have a permanent home here.
Without further ado here is Uncle Bam. Printing him on card stock or matte photo paper works the best.

Mr. Robot!

LinkHere is Mr. Robot it's the first paper automata I have designed and it's yours for free. It has three pages of parts and two pages of instructions. It's a pretty complex model to build. If you are new to paper model building it might be better to start with Uncle Bam or the Tri-Bunnies.

Here are the PDFs to Download and print on card stock, score, cut out, fold and glue.
Page 1, Page 2, Page3
Page 4, Page 5
Hope you enjoy it check back soon for more paper toy fun.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Melvin, the first paper toy I ever designed.

This is Melvin he is the first paper toy I ever designed! I made him to help promote Melvin and Frank comics, a comic book I had just finished. After I finished him I was addicted to designing these paper toys! He was previously available on my illustration and comics site, but I have moved him over here so all my paper toys are in one place.
Click here to download Melvin.

Saturday, May 12, 2007