Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Collaboration with Whimsical Rubbish

Here is a collaboration I did with my brother Ben. On the left is his original piece and on the right is the paper toy version. I seen this guy in his basement and instantly thought he would make a great paper toy. So we photographed his piece from every angle and I spliced the photos into a paper toy. I couldn't resist the idea of taking something dimensional and flattening it out and then making it dimensional again! You can download this guy for free from Ben's website Whimsical Rubbish.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Gnarley! The Paper Toy of the Month for July.

Friends are you tired of paper toys that just sit there and do nothing for you. Then build Gnarley your very own personal gargoyle! Why should Gothic churches and skyscrapers be the only ones who benefit from gargoyles. Gnarley is here to ward off all of life's minor annoyances. Put him in your cubical to ward of middle managers. Put him on top of your computer to ward off pop up ads. Put him on top of your cola can to keep the bumble bees out!
Download him here.