Friday, October 19, 2007

Ghost Sizza

Just in time for Haloween! Ghost Sizza is a custom I did of the Sizza paper toy by Kick Knite. It was a fun template to fool around with. I flipped it over and went to town. You can download Ghost Sizza as well as a lot of other cool Sizza customs at the Funk Food blog here. Check it out.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

P.D. #1 Buck Shot

So Here is Mr. Buck Shot. He is the first in my P.D.(paper dude) series. You can download him by clicking here. If you would like to get in on all the P.D. action you can download the blank template (the white guy on the bottom) here. Go nuts and design him up and send him back to me and I'll share your P.D. with the world.
Enjoy! My hope with the P.D. project is that it will be participatory and collaborative. I want to see what you guys can do!
(p.s. Is anyone having trouble downloading my toys from media fire? I'm using them cuz it's free but I think a few folks are having trouble with it. If anyone isn't able to get my toys or has any better ideas on where to store them let me know.Thanks.)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

P.D. Blank Paper Toy Template.

Introducing P.D. (Paper Dude). I've been meaning to post this little guy for a while. P.D. is a simple blank DIY template that you can customize yourself. The guy on the far left is the blank and the other three are hand made customs I did with markers. You can catch P.D. here and customize your own. Feel free to take out the eyes and mouth,Slice or Dice and add your own accessories. Make him yours.
All I ask is send me a pic and/or a pdf (if you want to share your P.D with the world) of your custom and I'll share it here.
Or just build him as he is in simple Black and White.
I'll post my first Downloadable P.D. custom this weekend!

Happysucks Top Ten Paper Toy List.

Mr. Robot Made #4 on Happysucks Top Ten Paper Toys for Adults list. He's in some great company! I'm honored:)

How cool is that?