Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Paper Toy Book preview

Here is a little preview of a papertoy book project I'm working on it will feature 24 different papertoy designers from all over world. Here is the first 11 papertoys out of 25 for the book. The book will be out early 2009(I know it's barely even early 2008) and will be published by How publishing. The working title is "Urban Paper". More details soon. Click on photo for notes about the artists involved.


The-Jazzman.com said...

2009! Aw man.. I want it right now! .. Besides.. I might be broke come 2009.. :( ...


your photos are definately sharper than mine :)

maybe it's time to ditch the old "110" and upgrade to a 35 mm
(step up to the nineties)

looks like i'll have to invest in some new shelves as well, what with the headcase editions as well.

is all this paper art bad for the environment? or do we all use recycled card?

anyway looking good for 2008.


Anonymous said...

I want the record player santa thingy i saw on youtube! put it in the book please. scott

Matt Hawkins said...

Jazzman:Yup it's gonna be hard to wait. I've been working on it since last summer! I just had to share the cool work of these great artist. The next few months are going to be busy busy.
Jon:I do use recycled card and paper is at least a renewable resource. Ben the Illustrator said something like,Paper toys use less paper than most regular toys use in there packaging alone. Plus at the end of the day when they hit the landfill they are biodegradable.
Scott: The record player Santa thingy was made by Mike Adair at Hallmark Cards. I didn't have anything to do with that it just shows up as a related video. It featured the characters Hoops and Yoyo that are owned by Hallmark Cards so I'm sure I can't get it in the book:( To bad too it's such a wonderful papertoy!
I'll have to ask Mike if it was ever made available.

aruno said...

excellent idea ! n great models :) can't wait til 2009 :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go go go toymaker.You scorer of stock, you folder of flat!!!
i've been a watchin you boy....
really, i think you have the talent supreme and can't wait till you get the exposure you deserve so i can tell some people, "i told you so dude".


allan roney said...

caralho cara tu manda muito bem viu!
devia botar ae os downloads dos brinquedos...vlw irmão!