Saturday, March 8, 2008

S.P.A.C.E.,Comic Monkey and Paper Toy of the Month update.

The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo last weekend was a big success. It was the first time I'd brought out my papertoy stuff out and sat at a table behind it. It was so much fun getting to meet a lot of you in person and talk with folks about my work. I'll definitely take the Custom Paper Toy show on the road again soon.

Comic Monkey went over real well and the few I have left are now available at The Custom Paper Toy Company. Just $4 bucks plus 1$ for shipping and handling.

I was unable to get a free papertoy up this month with all the stuff I got going on at the moment, the papertoy book, conventions, some incredible freelance jobs, the band, day job, and the kids. I'm still dedicated to providing fun and free paper toys on this site, but I'm no longer going to be able to stick to the once a month schedule. Instead I'll post free toys randomly when i have a few moments to sneak one in.
Some real amazing things are happening for me and my work and I sincerely thank you all for your encouragement and support!
Thanks folks, more soon.


brainjar said...

Great stuff, sounds like it was a lot of fun. What are the sketches you have on the table to the far right? Original art from Melvin & Frank?

Matt Hawkins said...

Sorry I missed your comment. I'm supposed to get an e-mail when someone post a new comment, but it doesn't always seem to work.
Yeah those are original art from Melvin and Frank

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