Friday, October 3, 2008

Super Secret Papertoy #3 Goe N. Green

Here is a custom I did of my Shelf Sitter papertoy, Goe N. Green. It's for a papertoy art initiative spearheaded by Stand Up Art and will debute as a print on recycled paper at LoveFest in San Fransisco. The project is to incourage DJs and other promoters to use recycled paper for thier flyers, postcards and handbills and add a papertoy to the back of these things and you have a collectable that won't just be instantly thrown away. So if you happen to be at Lovefest this weekend keep an eye out for Goe and his paper friends. Pretty soon he will be available for download from the Stand Up Art site here.


Nydia said...

Hello, Matt. This is a great idea. Here in Rio som much paper is wasted in flyers, and specially now, election time, the candidates waste HUGE amounts of paper in their useless propaganda. It's a shame. Love this little guy, I'll download it as soon as it's available, thanks for sharing it!

I posted about how it was at home with the paper toys I printed for Lucas:

Kisses from Nydia.

Cindy said...

I saw your paper creations on and I just have to say WOW, I never knew you could do such wonderful things to paper (besides origami). Im planning pre-order on your upcoming book found here:

Urban Paper Now Available for Pre-Order

thanks for all the free stuff!!!

cUXtomeR sciENtisTs said...

Impresionante Matt, i love the paper toys and this page is my favourite. Thanxs for all!!!