Thursday, October 16, 2008

Urban Paper the Movie

Here is a video made by my pal N8 Studios
( for the DVD that goes with my upcoming book "Urban Paper". It's an overview of the featured designers. You can pre-order the book now from Amazon just click the Amazon link on the right side of this blog.
More soon about this project!


ExtremeRyno said...

I've pre-ordered...Well..Technically my wife pre-ordered as a "Christmas" gift that'll just be a few months late. Honestly, we're both looking forward to it, but only -I- get to build anything.

krakit said...

Cool video! I plan on
watching it multiple times.

Anonymous said...

what is the first song in the movie called, i love it!

Catastasis Kid said...

Just bought Urban Paper at the Chicago Comic Con. It is really great. Thanks for the autographed copy! Can't recommend the book enough

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