Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some recent paper engineering and book update.

Holy cow! It's been a long time since I've posted something on this blog. I've been super busy the last couple months working on the papertoy book and some super cool freelance projects that I can't let out of the bag yet.
The book is getting closer to done all the time. I think the marketing folks decided on "Urban Paper" for the title I really wanted to call it "Cut Fold Glue: the papertoy revolution" oh well ya can't win 'em all. The pic above is of Oliver Ollie my papertoy that will be in the book.The release date is late March 2009! Yikes! That's a long time to weight but I'll be glad when all the work is done.
Here is some recent Paper Engineering I've done at my day job at C3.
The Super Man is a paper bobble head. The fire engine ladder swivels and extends. These are all diecut toys with glueless construction. You'll find these in kiddie meals at your favorite fast food places soon.
Also Comic Monkey is sold out so I'll get on Comic Monkey #2 here in the next couple months.
More soon...