Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So here is a new free papertoy project by me, Build-O-Bama. Now I know this probably won't be everybody's favorite toy, probably about half of you in the States;) but I wanted to show my support for Barack in a creative and positive way. I've been thinking a lot about my work and while I love to make funny little characters I feel like it's my responsibility as an artist to speak my mind through my work every once in a while when I feel strongly about something. Obama is one of the first canidates to come along (ever) who has actually inspired me! So hop on over to the new Build-O-Bama blog if you want and download a free Barack papertoy, if McCain is more your style there is a cool one here by cubecraft. And if politics have warn you out I hope to get a Halloween papertoy up soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

CPT featured in VizioMag .02

Hey, check this out! My work is featured along side lots of incredible artists in the latest version of VIZIOmag! You can download it here. Rock!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Replaced by Robots Papertoy now available.

Hey everybody! Been super crazy busy here the last couple of months working on my book project and a few awesome commissions, so I haven't had time to do any free papertoys lately:( . I am however working on my first crank driven automata which is taking longer than I had expected but it will be available free here when I get it done.
But I do have a new free toy for you. The good folks over at Replaced by Robots saw that several people had requested the papertoy, I had designed for them based on thier mascot, on my flickr account. So they wrote and said it would be cool with them if I posted the template on the blog. Super cool!
So here it is you can download it here.
And I really do hope to have some new free papertoys coming out over the next couple months.