Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My custom Shin Tanaka for Giant Robot contest!

Here is a custom of Shin Tanaka's papertoy I did for the Giant Robot/Scion contest.
It actually won the Grand Prize, a trip to LA to meet Shin and have my custom at the Papershapers show. WOOT! I'm super excited to meet Shin as I've been a huge fan of his work for years and excited to see the Papershapers show with so many great artist involved! April is going to be one busy month!

More on that soon:)


Marshall said...

Well deserved. Enjoy your (second) trip to LA. You'll come back from the city of angels full of inspiration for sure. Enjoy!

mckibillo said...

You're on fire man! Congrats!

Magp said...

it is fantastic!!!

harlancore said...

I just realized you won! Congratulations, thats so awesome, your model was brilliant too...good for you Matt!