Monday, March 30, 2009

Urban Paper update!

I just got my first shipment of books this weekend and got a last minute table at Planet Comic Con here in KC and was able to meet and greet a lot of great folks and sell a few copies. It was so last minute I didn't even get achance to alert anyone. The above pic is me (to busy for hair cuts!) at the Con with a display of the papertoys that are in Urban Paper. I noticed that the Amazon site shows "In Stock" instead of pre-order on the book so those who ordered it through amazon should be getting it pretty darn soon! Yay! Here is a little taste of the book.

I'll be attending SPACE (Small Press and Comics Expo) in Columbus Ohio on April 18 and 19 and will have plenty of copies of Urban Paper on hand!
Also something very big is brewing for May 2 at Mobius in LA, more on that very soon!


Jason Thompson said...

congrats matt!

Josh Buczynski said...

Just got my copy today (from Amazon pre-order). Just holding (and smelling) the book is fun!

Matt Hawkins said...

Awesome! Glad there getting out there.
Thanks for your support!

jmanu said...

Congratulations Matt, the book looks great!

SC1 said...

Matt, i'd love to review the book for my blog/site... let me know if we can do this!

peace, Aaron

sohnup industries
c/o: Aaron Lazansky
60 Amsterdam Ave. #5A
ny ny 10023

Matt Hawkins said...

HI Aaron,
I'll forward your blog to the marketing people for the book.

Mr. Jones said...

Yay! My copy arrived yesterday. I'll be putting some of them together tonight.

Great book. Love the DVD, too.

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