Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arrrt Unleashed

Here is a pirate dog paper sculpture I made for the Art Unleashed show this Friday in Kansas City. Art Unleashed is an art auction fund raiser for the Humane Society of KC. Find out more about the event here. More pics of the piece on me flickr!


Jerom said...

I love how you make the feet :)

Marc said...

Comes there to a template of this one?
And from Arnie?


Matt Hawkins said...

Hi Marc,
The template will be available for pirate dog in about 3 weeks I haven't had time to finish it as i am super busy these next few weeks.
I'm not sure about Arnie I'm not sure If I could put him together again let alone tell someone else how to! But I might end up doing a scaled down version of him for download after pirate dog is in the can.