Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pitch Cover and a free toy for you!

I got to do a cover for Kansas City's alt news weekly The Pitch. I've been wanting to do some more paper sculpture as illustration stuff, so I was very excited to get this job. I really wanted it to feel and look "real" and hand made not all computery and virtual. Here is a little slide show of the process of making the thing. Every part is hand built out of paper.

We also created a downloadable version of the PitchBot for your building pleasure. You can download it from The Pitch's website here.Big time thanks to Art Director Zach Trover and all the fine folks at the Pitch.


Jerom said...

Really fantastic!

Deal said...

A fun Bot. Thanks. Always read The Pitch when I get to KC. You did them proud with your design. Here's to many more in KC and around the world! Cheers.

Frost said...

The cover is brilliant! I especially love the rocket pinched between thumb and fore like a cigar. Something about that just gets me.

And thanks for another great paper toy!

Lara said...

Big fan of you and The Pitch! Very nice!