Monday, October 5, 2009

AstroGnome for Anorak and you

I'm super excited to have a new papertoy, AstroGnome, debute in the Fall edition of the amazing UK kids magazine Anorak! You can get a copy here in the States at Barnes and Noble.You ought to pick one up if you haven't before it's got lots of great stuff inside!
I've also created a free download version sans background of AstroGnome in 2 parts.
Part one here and Part two here.


El NIhilista said...

excellent, thanks!

Deal said...

Thanks a lot, Matt. To have access to the free download means a lot since I do not have access to a B & N in Joplin.
The kids at the public library that win one of your paper toys now and then for reading excellence also thank you.

Jeff Gill said...

Hey Matt, I just randomly discovered your site thru surfing on youtube and I love what I see!!! You've got an AMAZING style and I can't wait to check in regularly to see you're awesome updates! Keep up the great work!

adrian said...

hey Matt how can i download a paper toy because when i download apear me a lot of number and letters in microsoft word please

Matt Hawkins said...

The files are PDFs and need to be opened using Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free from here:
then you can print from here.

adrian said...


Rose Kipik said...

J'adore tous tes travaux ! Vraiment cela fait plaisir aux yeux !!! Bravo !

Wend said...

My 8 year old son loves your work. He has been making things from paper - origami, planes, etc since he was 4 years old. He nicknamed himself the "Paper Boy" a few years back. Finding your site has opened a new path for his creativity. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Part I is the corrupted pdf file

marvonx1 said...

Oh no the part 1 link does not work!! :(

Eric Hueber said...

Anyway to get part one? The link no longer works.

Jim Camengs said...

Also am looking for Part 1. I know it's a pain, but is there a way to download it? Thanks, Matt.

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