Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Papertoy of the Month February: Stubby

Some pencils can just draw, others not so much. I'm not sure how this happens but it does and when you find a pencil that can draw you keep it around. A friend, a collaborator and trusted creative partner. But there is only so much lead a pencil has to give and after many hard fought creative battles it's left short, used up, stubby. So this papertoy "Stubby" is a tribute to those great pencils past, present and future who so proudly sacrifice there graphite soul in service to the higher creative calling!
This is a pretty simple one to build for you who like the easy ones. Hope you enjoy it.
Download him here.
Next month a more challenging build, a collision of robotics and harmonics!


Dod said...

Hey there Matt, Stubby looks fantastic! Look forward to building him

AlpineButterfly said...

I love the eyes, and how he's crooked, missing eraser bits. I won't look at my little stubby pencils the same way again.

cubeecraft said...


ExtremeRyno said...

This is wonderful. Perfect for my desk at work. I'm glad someone finally made a craft for the teachers who aren't grumpy old women.

TheKerneyCrump said...
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TheKerneyCrump said...

Wow...absolutely astounding, it looks great. I think it really captures the sentiment of a ground down pencil. There was a business in Sydney, Forever Blocks, who made handcrafted wooden toys
that looked somewhat similar to this. This will definitely have to become a "staple" on my desk.



Matt Hawkins said...

Hey everybody thanks for the kind words!

cheng said...

Where's the lead fot this? There r 2 parts missing i think cause when i print out, I dont have the top and the bottom.Pls sent me the pic cause i want to make it

cheng said...


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