Thursday, May 10, 2012

S.T.A.R. Power Activity Book

Look what just landed on my desk, The Kohl's and Children's Mercy Hospital S.T.A.R. Power Activity Book! The book is filled with fun art and activities created by some of KC's best artist, to help kids grow up healthy and strong and will be given out to school kids all over the Kansas City area. My contribution is the Breathephant a papertoy that teaches about healthy breathing habits. Myself and some of the artist involved will do a book signing and meet and greet at The Sprint Family and Fun Days June 16th in Kansas City. Big Thanks to Missy and Scribe for getting me involved in this rad project!


jmanu said...

what a great addition, Matt!
the elephant just look beautiful

Melissa Kojima said...

Nice. Congrats. Always great to help the kiddies with some paper toys.

David Mota said...

Hey, I realy like your characters, they are very funny.
I also make my own toys with paper.

You can see then in my facebook album:

I'm from São Paulo, Brazil.

jcamenga said...

great concept. fine work!